DGKV contributed the chapter on Bulgaria in the TerraLex ESG and Sustainable Finance Guide

We are pleased to announce that TerraLex launched a cross-border guide to ESG & Sustainable Finance, a useful digital resource for key ESG regulations and trends, which covers more than 25 jurisdictions. DGKV’s Partner Gergana Monovska and associates Anna-Maria Atanasova and Irina Mihaylova contributed the chapter on Bulgaria in the TerraLex's new Cross-Border Guide to ESG & Sustainable Finance.

The digital publication of a Cross-Border Guide to ESG & Sustainable Finance, destined to become a go-to reference for ESG regulations and trends across the world, addresses a variety of issues, including:

•  Key statutory disclosure obligations

•  Analogous regulations or regulatory initiatives in the absence of formal rules

•  Shareholders/investors’ rights and liability around ESG compliance

•  Potential ESG prohibitions or restrictions within the statutory framework

•  Tax and other benefits related to integrating ESG factors into investment decisions

•  Special measures against greenwashing and any related enforcement action

•  Emerging legislative and regulatory developments related to ESG

You may access the TerraLex ESG & Sustainable Finance Guide by following this link:


You can access publication here: