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Compliance & Investigations
11 lawyers
58 clients
Compliance & Investigations


  • Advising a large portfolio of clients on AML matters and UBO disclosures.
  • Successfully represented SE Bordnetze – Bulgaria EOOD in court proceedings aimed at establishing the misrepresentations and recovering the unduly paid amounts. The case involved a combination of misrepresentations, including invoicing for fictitious transportation services.
  • Bulgarian telecom operator in a complex case involving high-end white-collar crime investigation related to the acquisition of its Bulgarian subsidiary; representation before the competent Bulgarian investigation and prosecution authorities, advising the client on a number of legal issues stemming from the pending investigation, preparation of legal documents and submissions to the competent authorities. 
  • Paul Hartmann AG in a case of wire fraud, resulting in several bank transfers made into accounts in two Bulgarian banks; filling a complaint before the Bulgarian prosecution authorities and as a result, pre-trial criminal proceedings have been instigated.
  • Investint SA (part of Groupe ETAM) in a case of banking fraud where a payment was made by a Belgium company into a Bulgarian bank account held by a Bulgarian company, instead of paying the amount to a French counterparty for the services provided by the latter, filling a request for imposition of injunction over the bank account in question to a competent court in Sofia. After freezing the bank account, DGKV initiated a civil case for unjust enrichment against the account holder. The civil case was successfully completed by the end of 2017.
  • ASL Airlines Belgium SA in a case of banking fraud where a EUR 1.9 mln payment was made to a bank account in the name of ASL Airlines Ireland Ltd. fraudulently opened by an imposter in Bulgarian bank. DGKV notified the bank it started immediate internal investigation and notified the competent Bulgarian authorities about the case.
  • Corob S.p.A. in relation to a performed attempt of fraud against one of its Saudi Arabian customers which resulted into a EUR 580,000 transfer to a “false” bank account opened in Bulgaria. As a result of DGKV’s assistance the groundlessly transferred sum was successfully returned to the transferor.
  • Successfully represented Framo Netherland B.V. (a subsidiary of ALFA LAVAL, a world leader in the areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling) with regard to a large scale financial fraud case in Bulgaria. DGKV’s work included complex representation in interim relief proceedings before the Bulgarian courts of law, representation before certain Bulgarian banks involved in the case, representation before the Bulgarian prosecution authorities and representation in court proceedings.
  • A Swedish individual in relation to the latter`s attempts to receive back a loan of EUR 100,000 granted to a Bulgarian seated company for the purpose of financing a film production. DGKV approached the prosecutor`s office which then procured the initiation of forcible liquidation of the company.
  • Represented one of the shareholders in a Canadian company being part of a large international IT corporate group, in relation to a suspected ongoing corporate malfeasance within the group. DGKV advised in relation to possible actions concerning alleged presentation of false information into certain IPO materials and misappropriation of funds and assets by certain members of the management of the group.
  • Successfully represented OMV Bulgaria OOD in antitrust investigation launched by the CPC in April 2016 against six of the biggest fuel retailers for an alleged horizontal price fixing and price coordination.
  • Advised Apple Inc. and its subsidiary Apple Distribution International Ltd in investigation initiated by the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission (CPC) regarding alleged abuse of superior bargaining position by Apple Inc. vis-a-vis the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company regarding the supply and distribution of smartphones in Bulgaria.
  • Providing on-going competition and regulatory compliance advice to Axpo Group and its Bulgarian subsidiary Axpo Bulgaria, a leading European trader with electricity, natural gaz and energy resources, with regard to regulatory and compliance matters in Bulgaria. In 2021-2022 we conducted dawn raids and competition and market manipulations trainings to the local team of and assisted in ongoing investigations of the trade in natural gaz conducted by Bulgarian law enforcement authorities and affecting the operations of Axpo Bulgaria.
  • Advised Nikon Europe B.V. with respect to an investigation launched by the CPC in January 2018 into an alleged abuse of dominant position and prohibited practices in vertical agreements with respect to the operation of Nikon’s selective distribution system in Bulgaria.
  • Representing Aurubis Bulgaria AD in proceedings before the CPC with respect to an investigation on alleged horizontal price coordination and abuse of dominant position on the market of supply of sulphuric acid.
  • Kaliakra AD and two other Bunge group companies in an antitrust investigation of alleged vertical price fixing in distribution of vegetable oils. The work included, inter alia, review & revision of the agreements with all principal distributors.
  • Assisted Zimmer GmbH, a global medical technology company, for the conduct of an internal FCPA and compliance investigation with a focus on operations of distributors and sales partners in Bulgaria.