About me

Delyan Dzhurov

Delyan Dzhurov joined DGKV in 2024. Having previously worked as a lawyer he has contributed to a number of landmark commercial and public sector projects and cases. In addition to his significant practical experience, Delyan has also academic credentials, as a Part-time Assistant Professor in Civil Procedural Law at Sofia University.


  • Participated in the representation of Shanghai Sensheng Assets Management Centre (Limited Partnership) in a lawsuit against the Bulgarian State;
  • Participated in a consultancy project of Contour Global Maritsa East 3 ADon the functioning of the power exchange market and the transition from the regulatory to the liberalised energy market;
  • Participated in a project of Vitol Gas and Power B.V on regulatory matters under the Energy Act;
  • Participated in the preparation of the 2024 Simmons & Simmons Clean Energy Tool - Bulgaria – Revenue