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Dispute Resolution
20 lawyers
415 clients
Dispute Resolution


The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph

Our Dispute Resolution practice group provides comprehensive and effective strategies for dispute management and resolution, successfully representing clients in both domestic and international civil and administrative litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Our team offers a unique combination of legal and industry knowledge, and we know the market sectors our clients operate in. Our commitment to working closely with our clients allows us to manage their domestic and international disputes successfully and to devise effective, practical, and commercially driven solutions. We remain laser-focused on achieving the desired endpoint.

In arbitration, our work includes:

  • drafting arbitration clauses, including those related to selecting suitable arbitration institutions and arbitrators
  • assessing the risks and chances of success prior to initiating arbitration
  • representing parties in arbitration proceedings
  • securing interim relief in domestic courts
  • analyzing possible dispute-settlement terms
  • enforcing foreign and domestic arbitral awards
  • having domestic arbitral awards set aside


In litigation, our work includes:

  • assessing the potential benefits and risks of litigation and developing appropriate and effective litigation strategies
  • pursuing alternative dispute resolution methods and obtaining out-of-court settlements
  • representing parties in litigation proceedings
  • offering tactical advice in all stages of disputes
  • securing interim relief in domestic courts
  • enforcing foreign and domestic judgments