DGKV’s Partner Violetta Kunze will be moderating a roundtable discussion on 5G Delivery Structures at the IBA Annual Conference in Miami on 31 October 2022 


DGKV’s Partner Violetta Kunze (member of the IBA Communications Law Committee Advisory Board) will be moderating together with Alfonso Silva (Carey) and Chung Nian Lam (WongPartnership LLP) a roundtable discussion on 5G Delivery Structures as part of the Around the tables: a taste of hot topics in the Intellectual Property, Communications and Technology Section session at the IBA Annual Conference on 31 October 2022 (09:30 – 12:30), Room 228 AB, Level 2, Miami Beach Convention Center.

The focus of the discussion will be the challenges faced by mobile carriers and the novel approaches taken by them in the course of the 5G rollout. In fact, the rollout of 5G will entail large investments for mobile carriers, not just in their having to bid for spectrum allocation but mainly for infrastructure and hardware investments. The high cell density required for the operation of 5G networks also magnifies these concerns. In the wake of fierce market competition and declining revenues per customer, carriers have been innovating how they are approaching 5G infrastructure investments, including, for example, entering into infrastructure and services sharing arrangements, along with developing solutions to improve and secure their radio access networks.

If you plan to attend the IBA Annual Conference in Miami on 31 October 2022, you could see the agenda of the event here: