DGKV at the Office Investments & Workspaces Forum 2024

DGKV's real estate & Finance lawyer Kaloyan Krumov was on the panel at the Office Investments & Workspaces Forum 2024, on the topic "Sustainability and Impact - ESG Trends: Office Property and Workspace". The discussion focused on the evolving impact of #ESG targets in office real estate and the balance between financial performance and sustainability.

 Some of the highlights include:

 - ESG CapEx and OpEx planning - the importance of market-driven ESG initiatives in Bulgaria and the demand for low carbon assets; delivering on social values; how to attract funding to support and sustain these initiatives,

 - Financing ESG Initiatives - green economy facilities and programs of multilateral financial institutions designed to support sustainable development in real estate; demonstrating bankability to attract commercial bank financing, with banks increasingly factoring ESG risks into their lending criteria.

 The event was organised by The City Media Group.