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Real Estate & Construction
8 lawyers
223 clients
Real Estate & Construction


Location, location, location … with a sound legal foundation

Our Real Estate & Construction practice group has over 26 years of experience providing top-of-the-market advice to clients on all types of real estate projects and transactions.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and emphasizing a multidisciplinary and full-service approach, DGKV’s lawyers have worked on many of Bulgaria’s most prestigious and innovative real estate projects. 


We are uniquely able to assist with:

  • acquisitions
  • greenfield real estate investments
  • real estate finance
  • real estate lease
  • zoning and environment
  • construction
  • title and construction insurance
  • real estate litigation


Our team advises corporates and investors in sectors such as:

  • office
  • retail
  • hospitality
  • residential
  • healthcare
  • industrial
  • energy & infrastructure
  • ITC/data centers